Private Cooking Classes In Chapel Hill, NC

Master culinary confidence making delicious, healthy foods with the guidance of a professional chef.

Stay right there, our Private cooking class travels to you

Your personal chef comes to you, along with entertaining instruction to learn a new cuisine. The experience and curriculum are customized to your goals and dietary needs.

Chef-led Cooking Instruction For Delicious, Healthy Eating

Healthy eating benefits the body and mind. When you cook your own food, you control what you eat. And when you eat healthy, your body, mind, and wallet benefit.

As a travel-to-you service, your private cooking class is a comfortable, hands-on experience designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Make cuisines you’ve wanted to try, learn cooking methods, enrich yourself with culture and traditions, and become the best cook you know.

Experience Where, What & How

Craft mouthwatering cuisines and special diet meals, fill the house with intoxicating aromas of fresh baked goods, or feed your inner creative with cake decorating.

A plate of escargot taught by the personal chefs of The Travelling Cafe
Elegant wedding cake made and decorated by The Travelling Cafe
A topside view of arrious meals shown on a white table.
a chef cooking food in a flaming pan
healthy meal preparation taught in private cooking classes in Chapel hill

How It Works: Private Cooking Classes from Personal Chefs of The Travelling Cafe

After an initial assessment of you and your families’ needs, custom-created meals are packaged and labeled for easy finishing – from fridge to table in less than thirty minutes.

Submit Our Food Questionnaire

Likes, dislikes, and dietary needs

Craft a meal plan right for you

Together, we craft the perfect menu

Delicious meals are delivered

Chef made meals come to you

Meet The Chefs

Passionate about people, health, culture, and food. 

Leslie Chartier, personal chef in Chapel Hill, NC

Leslie Chartier, Executive Chef & CEO

Leslie Chartier (Shar-tee-yay) is the owner and founder of The Travelling Café.  As an avid traveller with a talent for translating cuisines into limiting diet structures, she helps people with food allergies and health conditions enjoy culturally rich foods.

Daniela Stanganelli Gehman, Cooking Class Instructor

Daniela was brought into the culinary world through her family’s Italian market. She's one of our Personal Chefs and Culinary Instructors, and owns a baked goods company specializing in baking for all diet types.

Luis Feher, personal chef in Chapel Hill for The Travelling Cafe

Luis Feher, Cooking Class Instructor

Luis originates from Venezuela and was the owner and chef of an Italian Panettone factory. His specialty is Hungarian and Latin-based cuisine classes.

Stefanie Prokopiou Boisvert, Cooking Class Instructor

Stefanie is a registered Dietitian who believes sustainable healthy eating behaviors begin in the kitchen. Being Greek and Filipino, her recipes are often inspired by meals with herbs and Mediterranean flavors.

Pricing For Private Cooking Classes

Private cooking classes start at $250 plus the cost of groceries.

Master culinary skills like how to cook using various methods, develop recipes, make desserts and soups, knife skills and so forth.

On average, a single cooking lesson typically lasts between 1.5-3 hours.

Why The Travelling Cafe?

Our speciality is bringing inclusion into culinary experiences with food for different diets, restrictions, and cultures.

Locations We Serve

Get Started With Private Cooking Classes

The first step is submitting the food questionnaire for The Travelling Cafe to review. Afterward, we’ll contact you by phone or email to schedule a time to discuss options. 

Food is subjective. Each person has their own unique palate, and each family their own eating preferences. We specialize in customizing your food to match those preferences. This questionnaire shaves some time off learning curve.

Personal Chef & Prepared Meal Services

Dinners & Events

Meticulously crafted chef service delivering luxurious, transportive culinary experiences.

Chef Prepared Meals

Global cuisines made according to dietary restrictions and preferences, and delivered to your home.

Treat Their Tastebuds

Gift cards to personal chef prepared meals or cooking classes can make the perfect gift for any occasion.