About The Travelling Café:

The travelling cafe white logoTravelling Café’s services are all designed with a truly global experience in mind. Our customized food experiences can transport you and your guests to a place you have never been, or to a place you long to return.

Our prepared meals and private catering events can be cooked in your home or delivered to your door.  Our cooking classes can be brought to your home or held in our culinary studio in Pittsboro, NC.

What’s with the name? Why the “Travelling Café?” Is there an actual café?  

There was a café. “Café Chartier” had a unique European Bistro menu, locally roasted coffees, and killer dessert creations. Besides the tempting smells, a cool mix of music was always in the air (often live), and we promoted the work of many local artists and causes within our community.

Our physical location has closed, and we have travelled far and wide in between.  Now the café travels through our mobile chef servicers – sharing food and travel experiences, promoting music, art, culture and philanthropy, and extending hospitality wherever we go.

Our food experiences and cooking classes are designed to transport you to the place from which they come.  Incidentally, there are two ‘l’s in our name – no, it’s not a typo. It’s the European spelling.

About the Team:

Leslie Chartier 

Leslie (Shar-tee-yay) is the owner  and founder of The Travelling Café.  Culinary instructor, hospitality manager, singer, poet, former restauranteur, avid traveler and lover of diversity, her first passion is unabashed gratitude to God for all his gifts (especially food).

Her second passion is cooking and sharing her knowledge global cuisines with anyone curious enough to listen. Her gift is being able to translate those cuisines into limiting diet structures so that anyone with food allergies or health conditions can still enjoy the food of the world to its fullest!

Daniela Stanganelli Gehman 

At the ripe age of two weeks old, Daniela was brought into her family’s Italian market where she was raised while her parents worked and grew the family business. As she got older, she spent summers with extended family in Italy and continued spending most of her free time at the market where she grew a passion for cooking and feeding other people. Before moving to North Carolina in the winter of 2021, Daniela managed the family business and mastered the art of cooking, serving and hosting a large crowd. Now Daniela owns her own baked goods company (Baked By D) and specializes in baking for all diet types.

Daniela is one of our Personal Chefs, planning custom menus, shopping, cooking and delivering for clients weekly all over The Triangle. She also enjoys sharing her Italian culture with our hands-on classes as a Culinary Instructor. She’s known for her Travelling Through Italy series.

Luis Feher

Luis was born and raised in Venezuela to Hungarian parents and grandparents. A Salt-of-the-Earth, Jack-of-all-Trades, Luis was once chef and owner of an Italian Panettone factory, for which he built all the equipment (including the ovens) except the commercial mixers. A long-time Pittsboro resident, he and his wife now own a small farm in Chatham County.

Luis is known for his Hungarian and Latin-based cuisine classes (and Panettone!) Luis is master of many things, in the kitchen and out. He’s always willing to lend a hand. If you come to one of his classes and ask very nicely, he might be willing to sell you some farm-fresh eggs at a good price. In 2023, that’s something!

Stefanie Prokopiou Boisvert

Hey Yall! My name is Stefanie, I’m a Registered Dietitian and my favorite two words are chocolate and butter. I love cooking and sitting around the table with friends and family eating. Looking back, moments around the table were always the best memories. I believe sustainable healthy eating behaviors begin in the kitchen.

My purpose is to empower others to balancing their 5 – food, health, community, passion, faith. I am half Greek, half Filipino (BUT a Texan girl at heart). Most of the recipes you will make in my cooking classes are inspired by my Yiayia’s (Grandma in Greek) recipes and the foods I grew up eating/summer travels to Cyprus. They are always healthy and fresh with LOTS of herbs, Mediterranean flavors, and since I believe in BALANCE, may include a sweet indulgence. I can’t wait to meet you at my next class! OPA!   

Gift Cards make the perfect gift and they can be applied to prepared meals or cooking classes.